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The majority of World Cup Brazil is the same gameplay tweaks and additions that were put into FIFA 14

The majority of World Cup Brazil is the same gameplay tweaks and additions that were put into FIFA 14. There are a few major changes included to make the game better for casual players, who are the main demographic for this game. The game is sped up a bit from the slow build up play and cross heavy FIFA 14. The players move with more pace and fluidity making it much easier to pass the ball around and find that decisive run that will take your player through on goal. Speaking of crosses, they have been toned down a bit and pair that with the new “Over the Back Headers” and EA Canada created a system that basically changes the way you have to think about crossing.

Unless you pick out the right volley, You can no longer just bomb down the flank and cross the ball into the box. you will probably get the ball headed away. I found I had to start shooting more from the edge of the area or create more space by passing the ball around on the ground. I feel that the change was very much needed because FIFA 14 was abused in online play with crossing.

But 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is only available on previous-gen consoles. After months of playing FIFA 14 on your PS4, your gaming experience and overall feelings towards this game will be affected. PS4 owners will find it very difficult going back to the old, flimsy Dual-Shock 3. But fans of the series that have not yet made that jump to next-gen will be very satisfied.

A lots of adjustments have been made in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Penalty taking has been simplified and keepers have more options to distract opponents during their run-up. You can now adjust set-piece tactics to put more pressure on the goalie, or guide runners to the near post for flick-ons, though the results are very inconsistent. Also, fan complaints of FIFA 14 have been answered. Headers are no longer overpowered, crosses are frequently intercepted, defenders now leap over the back of your strikers with absolute desire. Lofted through-balls now require pinpoint accuracy – you’ll under hit them more often than not, though at full power they’ll sail harmlessly through to the keepers arms.

FIFA games aren’t exactly known for hilarity, so these shows are a very welcome change of tone from the brain-breaking Europop dirge found in EA’s club football game year after year. 

 While playing a finals campaign as Brazil, there’s a surprisingly in-depth preview of the game with Cameroon, followed by a humorous monologue from Darke on how to pronounce the Fluminese attacker Fred’s name. Men In Blazers serve up similarly entertaining opinions, for instance selecting Manuel Neuer for their World Cup Ultimate Team on the basis of his ability to stop referees giving goals in World Cup knockout stages using his mind.
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