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How to buy a player in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil offers a dizzying array of game modes, but there is some duplication and overlapping among them. For example, Road to Rio de Janeiro (online) and Online FIFA World Cup are just about the same thing, except that Online FIFA World Cup starts at the Group Stage and Road to Rio de Janeiro (online) starts earlier in the tournament.

The trademark authenticity is here too: 20 new stadiums, 203 international teams, and 15 extra hours of commentary. I’m not convinced the inclusion of nations like The Solomon Islands really add to the experience, but the completism is admirable. Even Clive Tyldesley--trooper that he is--soldiers back into the recording booth to offer analysis and insight about the teams' qualification battles and their history with the tournament. It gives the game a familiar, if slightly tired, feel.

How to buy a player
In order to buy a player we have to enter the Transfers. In the Transfer Market tab you can describe the specifics, on the base of which the system will start searching for players for you:

- Card Level (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

- League and Club of the player

- Nationality

- Favourite Formation

- Position

Here you also state the pricing, which is the amount of coins that you can spend in the bidding as well as in the Buy Now option. After you're done, click Search. A panel with all the system's propositions appears. From here, we can start bidding or immediately buy a player, if we of course meet his financial conditions.
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