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EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: all the fun, excitement, and drama of football's greatest event

EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the only officially licensed videogame will let fans experience all the fun, excitement, and drama of football's greatest event. Featuring the deepest set of game modes ever in an EA SPORTS tournament title, all new gameplay innovations and improvements, and a rich presentation that captures the color and vibrancy of Brazil, EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup will put fans in control of their nation's fate. If you love the FIFA World Cup and are looking for some Brazil memorabilia (and still have your PS3 or Xbox 360), don't hesitate to get this game and buy cheap fifa coins ios and fifa 14 coin android.

The enhancements to the gameplay itself come in the form of new animations for celebrations, penalty saving and the presentation of the matches. Each match begins with the National anthems of both teams playing before kick off, well more of a sample of the anthems. During the match, fans will be shown in the stadium wearing scarves and shirts of the teams playing and when goals are scored there will even be cut away scenes showing fans celebrating as they watch the game on a TV. For the offline modes ‘Captain your Country’ and ‘Road to Fifa World Cup’,

there is the addition of EA Sports Talk Radio. You are giving the choice of either Andy Goldstein and Ian Dark or Men in Blazers hosts Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. Whomever you choose, they will give you pre-recorded information on matches taken place during those modes. Over 50 hours of audio was recorded of this addition, and depending on how you are doing in the mode, what you hear is tailored around making it a more personal experience.

World Class Control
Control the ball in possession with an all-new control system using

Explosive Movement
Change direction on and off the ball with purpose and get to space

Set Piece Tactics New tactics will have opponents fearing set pieces

adidas Ball Physics
EA SPORTS and adidas partner to deliver the most realistic ball physics
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